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JMS SG Devil Piezzo

JMS SG Devil Piezzo

Guitar with unique characteristics and outstanding sound thanks to the active system with the possibility to vary between piezzo capture the bridge and the alnico magnetic pickups. This guitar allows for a range of sounds ranging from electroacoustic to high power output that is not available in other kind of models. Guitar custom shop with piezzo bridge, Set-in Mahogany Neck and JMS guarantee - junkmusicstore High quality construction with arm and body in one piece, quality hardware and unique electronics. The guitar is in perfect and has great sound.
  • Details

    Tuners: Kluson vintage
    Bridge: 6 sadles pizzo bridge
    Hardware: Chrome
    Body: Mahogany
    Neck: Set-in Mahogany Neck
    Fingerboard: Rosewood
    Truss Rod : Double accion
    Pickups: 2x Alnico Humbucker
    Selector: 3-way Toggle
    Volume: Master
    Volume: balaced piezzo / PU’s
    Tone: treble boost
    Tone: Bass bosst
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